January 27, 2018

Exploring Tomoe River paper notebooks more.

Exploring Tomoe River paper notebooks more. Ordered a Hobonichi Techo for 2018 but it did not fit my needs/flows. Great paper, though. Now have a Namani Cafe Note A6 in hand which will follow my Stalogy 365 as a custom, personal notebook with my status boards.

August 17, 2017

Hating apps

I’ve moved all of my productivity away from apps after having grown tired of all of them.

In general I have started to value a global view of my life and have come to realize that apps silo away information and hide” it from view without easy integration. Sure, there are the widgets of Notification Center but they only show limited snapshots of the data in apps.

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June 20, 2017

Things 3 mini review

Things 3 had a notable release a few weeks ago. I’ve been using the Mac and iOS apps since launch.


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February 19, 2017

That frustrating feeling from iOS and iPad

I get tired of the fragmented feeling that comes from using iOS. Apps are silos with scaled-back feature sets so each is often of limited use. Frequently, one must have more that one app in a general category to collectively accomplish a purpose. The OS itself has limitations.

An example of this is writing. 1Writer, which I am using now, is a fabulous app. However, it cannot properly expand a TextExpander pop-up snippet with multiple checkbox selections. Editorial does better with expansion but it has poor security lacking even basic passcode protection. Simplenote dropped TextExpander expansion ~3 years ago but has tags that crossover to MacOS tags on the desktop when synced through nvALT. 1Writer has internal tagging with a hashtag. Editorial has no tagging features.

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October 7, 2016



Noteplan looks promising. Markdown + calendar + notes. I’ve been wanting something like this.