February 12, 2012

A Mac text-processing workflow

My company uses Windows versions from several years ago. Can’t quite stand it. I have to create documents from other documents and add my analysis and recommendations. I’ve set up a workflow that:

  • downloads a pdf from the company intranet (I have to do this step manually)
  • based on a KeyBoard Maestro trigger runs an Automator workflow that cleans text from the pdf with TextSoap regex cleaners.
  • the resulting clean text it saved in the nvALT directory on my Mac and then syncs up to Simplenote on my iPhone.

I VPN into the company intranet in the AM from my Mac at home. I actually drive the 5 minutes to home to do mid-day document processing on my Mac at home. If I get an Air, I might try this at work.

  • mac
  • plaintext
  • workflows
  • productivity

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