November 12, 2012

A quick look at Socialite

Here are some brief thoughts on Socialite , which is a Twitter, Facebook and Google Reader aggregator. It does aggregation well, intermixing posts from all sources. Icons and FB user pictures are pulled in.

The intermixing slows me down when reading news. The grouping of news by themes in other apps helps with faster processing for me (such as in NetNewsWire, Reeder, or Twitter lists or searches). Grouping is possible in Socialite but is more cumbersome. The command Go to next unread” jumps between individual news items and not groups. I can’t see that Twitter saved searches are available. Moving through the posts via track pad is slower than keyboard navigation. On my MBA I cannot find page up’ or page down’ key commands for the app.

I really don’t like the lack of a three-vertical-pane view. This is apparently promised for Socialite 2.

With Facebook posts you can like” them but little else from within the app.

One can manage Google Reader feeds but Twitter follow and unfollow is not present.

Support for Fever and are not yet available.

The app has many more good features such as a HUD, quick post window, fairly quick feed updating.

I’ve owned the app for a few years now and keep checking for a three-vertical-pane view, quicker processing of feeds, and Fever + support. Once it has those, I might use it full time.

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