December 9, 2014

Analog Nostalgia

I used to use a lot of analog tools. I was quite young when the Apple IIe was in full swing. Since that time until now I have transitioned, for the most part, to digital rather than analog tools.

I feel a certain amount of nostalgia for the good aspects of analog tools. Writing with a good pen, feeling the touch a nice paper, receiving a well-written letter, buying a good notebook are all decreased occurrences.

I still try to write with a nice pen, and enjoy choosing a good notebook. However, analog tools seem more like a hobby now than my core tools. Truly, I benefit from search, tagging, and sync so would like to carry on in the digital realm. I am optimistic that analog and digital will merge together in increasingly better ways. For example, a Livescribe pen with a nice tip and quality notebook would be welcome. Their new Moleskine collaborative notebook is a great step and may take care of the latter. Now for a fountain pen edition. My analog/digital pie-in-the-sky would be OCR that can process my handwriting. I can always dream…

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