September 23, 2014

Apple, U2, iPhone 6, Apple Watch, 2001 World Series

I received my iPhone 6 plus yesterday (64/silver). This culminates a great couple of weeks related to Apple, in my opinion.

The media event was well done. The iPhones were well presented and the Apple watch appeared innovative in many ways. I loved Tim Cook’s respectful use of one more thing.”

I thought U2 looked great on the stream. I know there have been comments otherwise out there but I’m biased because I’m a fan. I’ve paid twice to see them in concert. They are part of my skiing playlist and U2 music is associated with good powder memories in my mind among other things. In 2001 (when I was living in Phoenix) I saw them at American West Arena on November 23rd. I’d been to a couple of Diamondbacks vs. Yankees World Series games. The DBacks had won the series. At the concert Randy Johnson came out on stage and held up the World Series trophy. The arena went nuts. Seeing U2 and the Big Unit on stage together was awesome. At the media event on the 12th, Bono, The Edge and Tim Cook were on stage together and I loved it. Common theme: people that I like appearing on a stage together. Good times.

I’d say Apple is regretting having the new U2 album appear in all iTunes accounts and will do it differently next time. I thought the outrage on Twitter and elsewhere was over the top. Perhaps I would have been bugged if Nikki Minaj appeared in my iTunes account uninvited.

I ordered the 6 Plus via the ATT website in order to ensure my plan remains intact. I was able order within 20 minutes of the start time. Initially I was alarmed when the estimated shipping time was October 14-28. Within three days it fell to October 2-14 and stayed that way until it shipped. The phone arrived out of Ft. Worth, yesterday, September 22nd.

The iPhone 6 plus is large but I have large hands. I’m a shade under 6′ 4″ so this phone will be manageable for me. I do have concerns about dropping it because I’m used to being able to wrap my hand completely around the iPhone 5s and I take my phones cycling and skiing. The screen is gorgeous. I’m finding it easier to type on. I might end up using this more and my MacBook Air less for some tasks. It is the best iPhone I’ve ever used and trounces Android phablets I’ve tried. They don’t even compare.

Well done, Apple.

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