March 11, 2015

Apple Watch in your face

I watched the Apple event on Monday. The watch is a carefully considered, beautifully designed device. It is truly impressive.

Despite this, I could not help thinking do I really want to move a screen to my wrist?”

My phone is usually in my pocket away from my attention. It is easier to ignore it when it is tucked away. A screen on my wrist is more front-and-center in my life. The only thing more front-and-center would be a heads-up display such as on Google Glass.
I often feel like I have too many inputs in my life. Email, texts, tweets, RSS, etc, are never ending. I spend a lot of time on screens at work and at home. While I am not an analog-only purist, I do value balance and I find tech and all of these inputs to be compelling.

The Apple zealot side of me is wanting to try an Apple Watch. If I get an Apple Watch, however, am I giving up more territory to the encroaching inputs? My analog watch is telling me yes.”

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