August 17, 2017

Hating apps

I’ve moved all of my productivity away from apps after having grown tired of all of them.

In general I have started to value a global view of my life and have come to realize that apps silo away information and hide” it from view without easy integration. Sure, there are the widgets of Notification Center but they only show limited snapshots of the data in apps.

I’ve also wanted more customized views of one-off tasks, repeating tasks, projects, habits, calendars, areas of focus, goals.

I’ve always been aggravated by the high tap counts of many apps, even for simple steps such as entering a new task.

In addition, I have felt let down by individual apps. Some examples are:

  • OmniFocus which continues to limit each task to one context.
  • Taskmator which has intermittent sync issues on Dropbox (“conflicting copies”) and does not keep a file open for view between uses of the app (such as a task list)
  • 2Do which feels like a Microsoft product with too many options and has a color scheme which I dislike (and a roadmap that states this is not going to change)
  • Things 3 which has a bizarre repeat task scheme in which repeats cannot be checked off early and are quite difficult to work with as templates”

I’ve realized the only way to get more global/customized views is analog-style on paper. So I’m using an A6 Stalogy365 and my Vanishing Point. The Stalogy has paper which is a pleasure to write on with a fountain pen but I use other pens as well. I have custom pages set up which are giving me the status boards on my life that I need. Entry of data is quick and easy. Information is integrated as I see fit. Writing by hand is allowing better synthesis of information. And, I am spending more time away from screens/devices which is increasing peace and meaning in my life.

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