August 2, 2014

Apps, Scripts and Taskpaper

There are a variety of apps and scripts that complement Taskpaper. I use the following in my productivity.


Geek Tool

Neatly displays my tasks on the desktop. My lists include today’s tasks, a wait list, and also tasks that repeat weekly and monthly. These are displayed under 5 days of calendar data from iCalBuddy.

I made my scripts after looking at geeklets here and here.

Keyboard Maestro

I use Keyboard Maestro in several ways.
- Remove all tasks with a certain tag. This occurs in conjunction with TextSoap.
- Insert weekly tasks. I have KM flows for each week.
- Insert monthly tasks.
- Prepare for weekly review by placing the task list to 1/2 screen right and the someday/maybe list to 1/2 screen left.


Very useful for adding tags for contexts, priorities, etc. I have very short tags such as @m, @p, @w which are mac, phone and waiting respectively. The triggers for these are zzm, zzp, zzw. In the past I used priority tags such as @1, @2. I could add combinations of tags quickly such as @aa @1 @p which is priority-1 phone task to be done today added by typing t1p.”


Several great scripts can be found that add start dates, due dates, pull in tasks from Reminders, add tasks from and many more. I currently use a script to send completed tasks to the archive. I have used the Start and Due date scripts in the past.


Used in conjunction with Keyboard Mea stro to remove all lines of a certain tag. Currently I am using this to remove all lines tagged @7 which would be any weekly tasks I did not get done that I want refreshed. Of course, regex can be utilized.



I currently use this for two purposes via Dropbox actions. First is the addition of new tasks to the inbox via an append to the task file with - [[draft]]” as the template. Second is the logging of tasks to the inbox with an @done tag using and append with -[[draft]] @done([[date]])” as the template. The latter is useful for task logging.


Now has a Taskpaper mode. I like the ability to highlight lines in colors based on tags. All varieties of actions can be run on a Taskpaper document. I expect this will only get better.


This is the replacement for the old Taskpaper iOS app. TextExpander snippets are again functional. I wish the icon were a different color.


See above.


Can utilize taskpaper files or any plain text files and check off any included tasks.


There are alot of talented people out there using Taskpaper in interesting ways. Search Pinboard or Github for Taskpaper.”

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