February 12, 2015

Changing passwords


I spent some time tonight deleting accounts and changing passwords. 1Password’s Security Audit feature is a powerful tool as it lists old passwords or repeated passwords. The password generator is easy to use.

I had forgotton how terrible some sites can be at handling the end of an account. Angieslist, which I previewed 5 years ago and never used, has no way to cancel the account online. A user must call the company. The site forces one into pages that push signing up for a plan as well. Terrible. Not at all recommended.
30boxes has no way to change the password or delete the account. I hadn’t been there for five years after trying it for 5 minutes in 2010. Stay away.

Delicous, Cheddar, Lift.do, Remember The Milk were fairly easy. Auctiva (which I don’t even remember signing up for) was terrible to use (also stay away).

Back to 1Password. An app like this is essential in this day and age. One defense the lay person has is good password management. 1Password has encrypted sync, Touch ID access on iOS, and the aforementioned Security Audit. Recommended.

Additional Reading:

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