April 20, 2015



I have an inner clash between modern life and what I remember from the past. Adult life in the digital age feels hectic and I long for something simpler.

I remember when I was very young and the Internet did not exist as the Web. Everyone wrote on paper, communicated with voice conversations, sent letters. It was a different time and, in retrospect, feels like it was a simpler time. Perhaps this is me as an adult remembering things experienced as a youth. Maybe people that were adults before the Web would tell me that life felt hectic enough.

Often, regular life + my task list + all things digital adds up to a feeling of it all being too much and of feeling overloaded. There are too many options, too many offerings, too many inputs to feel settled. It is easy to feel behind at work and entertainment.

So, I ruminate on the balance in my life. I think about simple vs complex, analog vs digital, feeling overloaded vs feeling at peace. Where is the balance point?

Boundaries, limits, culling are needed now more than ever. We have to open up empty space in our lives. We have to ask if things can be simpler. We need to assess what we really need as humans and not just what Twitter, Facebook, and the web in general tell us we need. We need time away from screens. We need to listen to our hearts and not to Silicon Valley companies or advertising agencies. We need to really live and then not post about it any where if we can stand it.

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