October 3, 2014

I’m done with G-Tech

I bought two G-Tech 2 TB G-Drives a few months ago. I had always used LaCie but these drives were at a good price at Best Buy.

These drives have been trouble.

They have required multiple rebuilds by Disk Warrior. One recently lost my entire Time Machine backup. Recently I tried a Chronosync backup and the drive was improperly ejected 3x in a row.

Of course I contacted G-Tech tech support and they felt the problem was not theirs. I’ve read forums and done many web searches (no solutions that worked were found). The drives were initially used on 10.8. I waited and upgraded to 10.9 to see if that was the problem (was not). I considered that it was a problem with the Mac Mini they were connected to (but then I recalled that other drives have not had a problem on that Mac). I’ve been patient and tried not to rush to conclusions.

However, now my patience is at an end. I will now cease my association with G-Tech. I cannot recommend using their drives.

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