November 25, 2014


I’ve too many unsettled things right now. Too many things are stacking up. I’ve got that kind of stress that comes from open-endedness. Life feels too hectic.

Just from the tech sector of my life:

Do I buy Drobo, Synology or a regular old external drive? Do I buy OWC, LaCie or something else? Do I put an SSD in the Mac Mini or buy a new one? Which productivity app to use long term? Do I slash and burn my reading list? Should I cut back on Twitter, RSS and Should I scan the rest of my files or just shred them? How to manage the 40k family photos? Do I carry on with tagging files or just rely on search? I sometimes look at photos of very clean and minimal homes on places like Leibal. To me they are symbolic of the opposite of what I feel inside. They are de-stressed and un-hectic.

Let’s see - what was all of that that I learned about simplicity and mindfulness in the past? I need to renew those principles in my life.

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