September 30, 2014

iCloud Calendar + Taskpaper app concept

I’m thinking of an app that combines iCloud calendar data plain text tasks and notes from a Taskpaper document. This kind of app does not exist as far as I know but it could be very useful.

The app could be done on iOS and/or Mac and have several views:

  • Tasks that have a due date tag could be shown in the calendar on the specified date.
  • Tasks with a time tag could be shown on a day agenda mixed in with appointments.
  • Calendar could be shown on one half and tasks on the other half.
  • Filtering could be done on the tasks or calendar sections.

Additional functionality could include:

  • Automatic changing of task tags for time and date if they are dragged from one date or timeslot to another.
  • Repeating tasks could be managed with repeat tags.

I would settle, though, for a very simple option of calendar data on one half and tasks on the other half (with filtering options on both).

I don’t have the time or expertise to make such an app. Anyone out there want to make this? I would pay money for it.

  • apps
  • plaintext
  • productivity

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