January 21, 2013

iCloud Reminders ecosystem is a minefield of dysfunction

App Spreadsheet I decided to analyze further the iCloud Reminders Ecosystem. I chose several apps on iOS and Mac.

The bottom line is that there is wide variation in functionality across these apps when it comes to playing nice within this ecosystem. Some notable observations:

Reminders iOS - fairly solid

Calvetica - undated tasks appear on today only - all of them. Has a bug where the clock time is displayed for task due time. Plays well with Reminders (Mac, iOS), and BusyCal2. App crashes if one pokes around too much in task metadata - especially undated todo hour.

Agenda creates undated todos with a time of 1200 AM. It does not display undated todos at all.

Reminders Mac required frequent relaunches to trigger task sync. This is intermittent behavior.

BusyCal2 cannot designate a time - dated tasks show up as all day” (Reminders iOS), 1200 AM (Agenda), or a random time (Reminders Mac).

Fatastical Mac - undated tasks created with Fantastical don’t show up in Reminders, BusyCal2, QuickCal on Mac. Dated tasks don’t appear in Reminders Mac, and QuickCal Mac. Basically can’t insert tasks into several apps. Unclear reason.

QuickCal - seems to follow the lead of Reminders Mac. When a task is displayed in Reminders Mac, it is seen in QuickCal. Dated tasks from Reminders iOS, Calvetica, Agenda, Reminders Mac have a time of 1200 AM in QuickCal.

2Do Mac - only has manual sync. Dated tasks have 1200 AM time in Calvetica and Agenda and a random time in Reminders Mac.

This comparison excluded 2Do, Busytodo, Calphone on iOS because I was not as interested in them. I don’t like the UI of 2Do in iOS, for instance.

Reminders iOS plays well with Reminders Mac. Everything else is hit and miss. Good luck. I’m sticking with Taskpaper / Due for now.

Spreadsheet guide:

Yellow - works fairly well
Orange - worked after relaunch
Red/Orange - failed to appear
Purple - failure
Light blue - unclear

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