August 13, 2016

For some, iPad-only might be recapturing the uniqueness Apple has lost in general

There are a lot of new iPad features that are getting attention!

An example is the coming side-by-side compose ability in Mail. When I saw this, I couldn’t believe I might be able to do this on a device! I mean, writing an email on the right half of the screen while seeing emails in the inbox on the left? Revolutionary!

What about two browser windows open side by side!

Then there is sharing between apps! Unbelievable.

Basically Apple slashed and burned productivity on the iPad in favor of simplicity and now are adding back much of it.

I know, I know, it is a different paradigm, Apple’s most pure idea of computing right now. There is sandboxing and a few other unique things.

But, I laugh a bit when articles are written about being iPad-only. If a picture is included, there is an iPad screen at and angle with a keyboard. Wait a minute, that looks just like a laptop.

Then there are the ergonomic implications of it all. An iPad held like paper at a favorable angle has a chance at intermittent, ergonomic approximation. But any device below eye-level is ergonomically sub-optimal, of course. So, hey, let’s forget about that and take our tablets, put them on the desktop with a keyboard like our laptops and fight that ergonomic battle all over again. Why not?

There was an article recently that pointed out that being iPad-only now is like being a Linux user. I might disagree. I’d say iPad-only might be a way to be unique within an ecosystem that was once unique itself. Many of us remember the days of being a true minority as Apple users. Now Apple is common. But the iPad-only people are now a minority, a kind of cutting edge (even if their backs ache like laptop users).

This all being said, I use my iPad or iPhone at work for when I must be walking around looking at data. I tend to go with the iPad more if I need to see graphical representations of data. I might hold an iPad like a book or newspaper for short reading sessions. When I sit at a desk for a long session of task elimination, I pull out the MacBook Air and put it on a Roost. Just trying to get stuff done and save my musculoskeletal system.

I suspect most of us are like this: pick the right tool for the right task. The 10 bloggers out there that are iPad-only are still entertaining to read, though…..

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