January 20, 2015

Love My iPhone 6 Plus

The iPhone 6 Plus is the first iPhone in a while that tempts me to skip the next upgrade.

Usually I have a honeymoon period with a new iPhone. Then the rumors begin and I become excited for the next iteration. That is not the case this time.

Why do I like this phone so much?

Larger size

The screen on this phone is tremendous. I can read books, PDFs, and news more easily. Netflix, MLB and family clips are more enjoyable. More text can fit on the screen in most apps. Writing is better.


This phone is not a tablet. It is not at all as off-putting as many Android phablets. It fits in all of my pockets. To be fair, I am 6′4″ so my pockets might be a bit larger.

One hand working

I have adapted to the larger size when it come to one-handed use and am not exactly sure what has been eliminated when it comes to one-handed use if anything. Placing the most used apps to the bottom right corner has helped. I occasionally have to use the home button double-tap action to pull the top of the screen halfway down but this is rare. I’m am not left with a feeling that I have to resort to two hands very much at all.

Adding a keyboard

I just ordered a TextBlade to use with this phone. I enjoy typing in odd locations at times. I had a Psion 5mx at one point and loved the keyboard that was sufficiently large to type at length. Adding a portable keyboard to my 6 Plus might seem the same.

Could I go back?

When I see smaller iPhones now I think they look a bit small and constrained. I’ll stick with the larger form-factor.

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