March 31, 2011

Mac App Store

The Mac App Store is here to stay. I’m only utilizing it for very select situations:

  • Apps ONLY available on the App Store. Twitter.

  • Apps that I want on all of my Macs. Twitter.

I’m avoiding it for:

  • Apps that I want to try out first. Got burned by Newsrack - no better than Reeder or NewNewsWire at this point. If I had tried it first I would not have bought it.

  • Apps that are on sale. For instance, I recently bought Taskpaper on sale in a bundle. I had been waiting for weeks for it to be on sale.

  • Any apps I already own. Why should I re-purchase everything?

It is the last one that is the biggest barrier. I don’t see the App Store on the Mac getting SERIOUS traction until it will recognize the apps you already own and put them in the upgrade pipeline.

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