November 9, 2012

Mac community, RSS, Twitter, and politics

I usual go to RSS and Twitter to relax and follow Apple news.

Every two years when national elections roll around, the Mac Twitter community (and now also shifts from the subject of all things Apple toward politics. Many Apple Tweeters that I follow have no problem filling up their Twitter feeds with all sorts of political comments slanting left or right (but usually left). I won’t name names but if you are paying attention to Twitter you know what I mean.

RSS wins at election time because it remains more purely Apple Tech, comprised of articles.

One more observation: would it be possible for a person to work at many Apple or Tech media sources and not demonstrate left-leaning politics repeatedly via Twitter? Is that a requirement for employment?

(Read: this is not, in any way, a judgment of right or left politics but rather some observations regarding the content of tweets within the Apple community).

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