August 15, 2018

Mac Mini

I have kept my 2010 Mac Mini going for the past 8 years with RAM and SSD bumps while frequently regretting not getting a 2012 quad core 3-5 years ago. Who would have predicted that Apple would have released peak Mac Mini in 2012? It is really quite bizarre.

This may be the Summer of the Mac” with MBPs updated last month (“quiet keyboards”) and MBAs rumored to come in October. I do like my MBA but I want a home server for backups, Plex, Chronosync, etc. If Apple doesn’t upgrade the Mac Mini in October (as is rumored) I’ll probably spin up an Intel NUC and be done with it.

The most valuable company on the planet with 115,000 employees hasn’t updated the Mac Mini since 2012 in a meaningful way. 10 years ago I never would have thought this would happen. Maybe ignoring products in the lineup is the Tim Cook way” because I suspect Steve would have killed it or updated it on a reasonable schedule.

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