August 12, 2015

I’ve experimented with recently while traveling. It ended up being my most valuable travel app.

The app does not use wifi or cellular for location information but rather GPS satellites directly. This was important as I was in some fairly remote areas with deep canyons. Despite this I was able to determine location readily. I was able to save money by avoiding expensive data charges that would have been incurred on a prepaid SIM card by attempting to use Maps or Google Maps.

The app allows favoriting of locations including dropped pins.

Directions can be obtained from your current location to any other location but you cannot change the starting point to anything else. A future version is to reportedly add this feature.

Many sights, restaurants, hotels, campsites, businesses can be found on the map. An address can be entered and mapped easily.

More detailed maps of countries and states can be downloaded for free.

The app had some difficulty determining location while over the Atlantic. The Help info indicates this may have been due to not being by a plane window or too long of a time interval between location checks.

No topographic data is in the app although many peaks are noted with altitudes.

Map data is drawn from

I’ll definitely use in the future for travel for mapping, location information, and to save money on data charges.


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