January 26, 2016

MLB.tv not worth it any longer


I’ve been a MLB.tv suscriber for the past few years so I could continue to see the Diamondbacks after I moved from the Phoenix area. I now live approximately 11-13 hrs away from Chase Field (depeneding on who is driving and the weather) but cannot see live games due to blackout restrictions despite paying for MLB TV premium.

These blackout restrictions are basically gentlemen’s agreements that often do not make sense. For example, in my locale, there are no other Diamondbacks fans that I have ever heard of or seen. No one cares about them here, other than me, but we are considered by MLB the be in the Dbacks home market. I don’t have it as bad as Iowa which is blacked out for 7 teams or Hawaii which is blacked out for 5-6 teams. Vegas is another blackout black hole.

There was a recent settlement to the Garber class-action court case which brought individual team packages for ~$85 as well as other concessions. However, unless you are a cable subscriber, there was no relief from unreasonable blackout restrictions.

My solution had been to watch the games the next day as able but I have grown tired of enabling this unreasonable situation.

There is a long-shot possibility of in-market MLB.tv streaming via an agreement with Fox for 15 markets which might bring me streaming as desired. However, for now that is just a bunch of rich guys talking it up (and/or stalling) in conference rooms at a snail’s pace.

So, for now, adios MTB.tv.

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