August 9, 2013

My current RSS reader favorites

I have these four readers loaded with my complete RSS list and am using them as I want on my MBA each day. My thoughts on each…

Feed Wrangler

Like: can log into web page on a mobile browser.
Needs improvement: When adding a feed have an option for adding to smart stream at that time, improve load speed.
To be taken seriously: add Smart Stream unread counts.


Like: fast processing of RSS feeds with shift-m” (mark folder as read and move to next folder), each folder can have individualized view settings, displays lists of article titles and images well as two of several view modes. Needs improvement: sometimes return key does not close popup article view.
To be taken seriously: add RSS OPML list export and web login that works on any mobile browser.

NetNewsWire 4

Like: k’ key to mark all as read, arrow key navigation.
Needs improvement: images too small - make larger.
To be taken seriously: needs sync, needs the L’ key from NNW 3 back (mark all as read and move to next folder).


Like: individualized views for each feed, arrow key navigation, mark folder as read with command-k,” displays lists of article titles and images well as two of several view modes.
Needs improvement: take up more screen real estate with full screen view (has a border that is too big), utilize another key to close article view other than escape’ key.
To be taken seriously: more active development - dev took a full-time job elsewhere.

To sum it up

Currently I am preferring Pulp or Feedly. I like the faster processing of feeds with key commands, ability to display images well in feed title list.

There are others that I have not taken time to evaluate deeply such as Newsblur, etc. I did look at many and the four above caught my eye.

My Fever installation is too slow to enjoy at present by I might try to improve it sometime soon.

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