April 15, 2011

My paperless effort and Crashplan

I’ve had a goal of a paperless existence and have been at it for a few years. My setup / workflows involve Scansnap, Hazel, PDFPen Pro, Applescript, Leap, etc. I rejected Devonthink, Yojimbo, Together, Eaglefiler, and others after trying them multiple times over several years. A few weeks ago I started a Crashplan backup. My desire was to have an off-site backup that happens soon after scanning. 2 days ago the first full backup finished. It was helped along by leaving my computer on while we were out of town for a week. I like Crashplan because it can deal with networked drives. Also, it appears to plays nice with system resources. I don’t like how Time Machine bogs down the network hourly. I prefer it to do one daily backup at ~ 0300 when no one will be affected and let Crashplan do backups continually.

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