April 10, 2015

Printers are shameful

Printers are shameful. They are made of cheap plastic, have glitchy wifi connections, require expensive inks. How can anyone at Epson, Canon, HP, Brother and other manufacturers feel good about these products they design?

Paper jams. Overpriced ink. Flaky wireless printing. The only thing you can really count on a printer to do? Break after a year or two.
WSJ, The 12 Tech Nuisances That Annoy Us Most

I’ve tried all of the major brands. I cycle between them due to dissatisfaction with the current model at hand. Printers have not made significant progress in recent years unlike other areas of technology. I’m sure the printer companies would cite their view of improvements. But, really, in the trenches, for us real people, these devices are problematic, failure-prone.

Printer companies: get some professional pride and design something industry-changing. Or, Apple, please get back into printers and shake things up.

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