September 14, 2011

Productivity system wish list

I’d like a productivity app that can handle all of this:

1- Todos:

  • One-offs.
  • Repeats.
  • Archivable todos
  • Scheduled todos
  • Todos with a journal-type comment affixed later

2- Various Calendar views (day, week, month)

3- Displaying appointments with todos

4- Sync via MobileMe (iCloud). Don’t care about Google.

5- Journaling - comments on appointments, todos, free text. Outputs appointments todos other.

6- Estimates of todo possibilities within time blocks based on historical todo durations.

7- Plenty of speed

8- Clutter-free design

9- Powerful desktop companion

10- Philosophies: GTD Agile /- Superfocus

I care too much about my systems.

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  • apps

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