March 25, 2015

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Havard Business Review: What Happens if Apple Starts Making Cars
“Steve Jobs’ successors are at least an order of magnitude more credible as disruptive innovators than the heirs of Ford and Sloan.”


WSJ: Rethink Your After-Work Routine.
“Fatigue and Stress Fuel the Tendency to Ruminate; a Mental Break Helps Us Leave the Bad Mood Behind”


Quartz: Why Facebook is obsessed with hacking internal productivity tools
“Anything that can be made simpler is, even if it means highly compensated engineers make it themselves.”


NY Times: The Bittersweet Kiss of Chocolate Recipes for Chocolate Pudding, Poundcake and Icebox Cake

Knowledge / Learning

Medium: Genius is More Common Than You Think
“The concept of multiples seemed radical and weird. It inverted typical Western, romantic ideas of genius and inspiration. What was going on? Why were breakthroughs so relatively common, and simultaneous?”


The Atlantic: Why Can’t Americans Find Out What Big Data Knows About Them?
“Data brokers acquire a vast array of detailed and specific information about consumers; analyze it to make inferences about consumers, some of which may be considered sensitive; and share the information with clients in a range of industries. All of this activity takes place behind the scenes, without consumers’ knowledge.”

Productivity / Tech


The Guardian: How can I convert my handwritten notes into Word documents?

Havard Business Review: A Formula to Stop You from Overcommitting Your Time
“When I dive into time coaching clients’ schedules, I consistently discover that people misdiagnose themselves as having a productivity” problem when, in fact, their bigger issue is an overcommitment problem.”

Helmut Hauser How to Use NvALT in Academia
“Here are my power tips for using nvALT in the context of academia.”

Business Insider: Why Richard Branson Never Goes Anywhere Without A Notebook
“Branson particularly prefers putting pen onto paper rather than finger onto keyboard because a sheet of paper doesn’t have tempting distractions to divert his attention in a meeting.”

99u: The 3-Minute Solution to Procrastination
“Think about one small action you can take in the next three minutes that will move your project forward.”


Archeology News Network: Magna Carta originals reunited for anniversary (800th anniversary)

Science Daily: Both Liberals, Conservatives Can Have Science Bias


Huffington Post: 4 Steps to Decluttering Your Life
“Do you wake up with a full mind overflowing with the have-tos — meetings, classes, family, and the all too common What the **** am I doing with my life?“”


Carryology: Best Carry-On Finalists: Third Annual Carry Awards

WSJ: The Original Forager: Miyamasou
““Every morning, our cooks wake up and create chopsticks that our guests use that day,” he says. Even something as simple as a chopstick can be a connection to the land.””

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