February 8, 2015

Reads - Productivity, work, DDOS, Taskpaper, Napoleon, meditation

Craig Hockenberry’s fascinating account on IconFactory suffering a DDOS from China.

Sweet Setup on the best shared list apps

WSJ on how productivity tools can waste your time (2013). Was great to read this again. Matt Gemmel on Work.

Jeff Hunsberger on a Taskpaper Today Perspective - I respect plain text productivity implementations.

Noah Read with a guide to the media. Well said.

Shawn Blanc on a personal core curriculum.

WSJ: Napoleon for President in 2016? from, Andrew Roberts, the author of Napoleon: A Life.”

WSJ: Europe’s Carnival of Death, a book review with interesting historical tidbits from Christendom Destoyed by Mark Greegrass.

Science Daily: Meditation may slow grey matter loss

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