March 26, 2011

Reeder, Netnewswire and Milo

There has been a lot of attention on the Mac web regarding the RSS app, Reeder. I quite like it with the superb interface, readability, etc. I like to read my feeds to relax with a nice beverage. Shawn Blanc likes his coffee. My drink of choice for this is Milo. I fell in love with it when I lived in New Zealand for a year, 2007-08. The Kiwis I was aware of made it with a fair amount of sugar and a proper ratio of milk and water. The problem is that I cannot read the news on Reeder and drink Milo at the same time easily. One must put down the cup, hit shift-A, then move to the next feed with keys to the right of the keyboard. Or, one must use the mouse a lot. I’m a keyboard guy, having used Quicksilver for many years now, even into opensource-ness. NetNewWire, on the other hand is still RSS reading / sipping bliss with the L’ key. Sip cup of Milo in left hand, hit L’ key with right hand to mark all read and move to next feed, sip Milo again. Repeat. Reeder needs less complex keyboard shortcuts. NetNewsWire needs an interface upgrade (which is apparently soon to drop).

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