January 31, 2014

RSS apps: more like email or a newspaper?

I was a long-time user of NetNewsWire 3.3 and prior. I valued it for the key-commands that allowed high speed processing of feeds. The L’ key triggered mark all read and move to next unread folder.” Since the demise of Google Reader I have branched out, like many of you, and tried different offerings.

I have found recently that I like readers that feature more rich content than just a list of articles. Pulp and Feedly caught my attention for this reason. Because of the combimation of images and text in the article title list it seemed like I was reading a newspaper. I still like to read real newspapers fairly often.

Many readers exist, and are quite good, but are stuck in an email-like mode. Fow example, I am a subscriber to Feed Wrangler but I cannot find a reader for FW that includes images to a substantial degree.

NetNewsWire 4 beta is coming along. It does show small image previews in the article list view. This is a nice addition.

Pulp and Feedly combine words and images better than most. However, Pulp is likely a dead-end app at this point (last update June 2012) and does not sync with the iPhone. Feedly is potentially a bad web citizen with the way it steals page views.

I am watching NNW as it was my mainstay for many years.

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