February 21, 2013

Scheduled tweaking

I have been following life-hacking and productivity for quite some time now, like many of you. After a while the many of the subjects and themes seem repeated.

I have taken a tool box approach to productivity. I read Getting Things Done by David Allen. I studied Autofocus. Years ago I had some training in the Franklin Covey method. I read all of the Zen to Done articles. I studied Agile. There are others. I use elements of many of these.

I find all of this interesting. One of my undergraduate degrees was in psychology. I came quite close to doing a Masters in organizational behavior.

The downside to this interest is that I tweak my systems a lot. I evaluate new ideas and see if they will help me. I get restless and switch between system. I have started keeping notes when I make these jumps so that I can remember the pros and cons of various approaches and minimize changing.

What if I limited tweaking to only certain days of the week or the month? What if any approach I chose had to stay in a steady-state for a month?

I could save a lot of time. I’m trying to focus more on actually getting things to completion rather than focusing on the methods or the philosophy of productivity. Novel idea, right?

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