December 4, 2014

Taskmator and Omnifocus

With iOS8, Taskmator was broken. Taskpaper-based productivity took a large step back. No offense to Editorial and Listacular but they do not offer the functionality of Taskmator. I decided to take another look at other options.

I downloaded Omnifocus for Mac again. I already own the iPhone app. I trialed it to the point I usually reach with Omnifocus: fatigue at the needed upkeep.

I start to feel like my tasks are lost in the system. I become paranoid that I don’t know everything I should. I don’t understand why deferred items don’t have a place with due items in the Forecast counts. I don’t like the one context limit for each task limitation. I don’t like all the metadata each task requires to use the app fully. If one does not use most of the app’s features, then one has paid $80 for a simple list app. All due respect to Omni and Omnifocus. This is a well-designed, well-written app. They are very supportive of their user base. I would recommend anyone take a look at Omnifocus.

Part of the problem is me. I have very few firm deadlines and one of them is to take out the trash once a week. Most of my tasks have fuzzy deadlines such as sometime this week.” I don’t have need for start dates. I prefer simple and quick with flexibility and room for expansion in a system.

I also looked again at Things. The sync is the best I’ve seen, I think. I don’t like the limitation, though, of one tag only in the search field.

Todoist, Asana, Wunderlist and other similar web-based apps are not for me because I don’t need collaboration and don’t want to pay a monthly fee for full functionality.

Ultimately Taskmator was updated for iOS8 and I returned to plain-text productivity. I have my list in taskpaper format. I am able to tag quickly using TextExpander snippets for contexts, or anything else I might want to sort by. I use Due to remind me to add weekly, monthly, quarterly, and biannual lists to the task document. These also reside in TextExpander and are added quickly via expansion. I add tasks to the Inbox usually via Drafts. It is all very efficient. It fits me.

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