April 6, 2011

TextExpander and TaskPaper on iPhone

I mentioned that I like to use the combination of TextExpander and TaskPaper on the Mac. This is even more useful on the iPhone. I used to use Things and Omnifocus on my iPhone but became frustrated at the large number of taps needed to get tasks entered with metadata / tags. Taskpaper is much quicker at data entry on the iPhone and especially so with TextExpander. For example:

Buy milk t1e”

Expands to Buy milk @t @1 @e”

I shortened the tags to single letters a while ago for increased speed, for example, with sorting. @t is today, @e is an errand, @m is for a mac, @h is at home. @1 is a top priority. @w is waiting. I prefer the wait status to be a tag rather than a project-level collection so todos can remain with their original projects.

This is the fastest data entry for todos that I have seen on iOS. I haven’t used all todo apps, though. I’m sure there are simpler apps that are just tasks-only which are quick. For more advanced GTD-level apps that add tags to todos and enable sorting (Things, Omnifocus, etc), this is very quick. Minimal, quick - love it.

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