June 13, 2013

The dance continues

We are all dancing around Apple in some way: paying attention happily, backs turned acting aloof, whatever.

We have heard a Worldwide Developers Conference keynote. New things were announced. This has been going on for decades.

The press, pundits, users, bloggers, forum posters, twitterers, alpha.netters, etc., are divided as usual. Some like what’s been announced and some don’t. Some say that Apple has violated rules of design. Others say the development process is rushed. Some love the changes. The more vocal tend to be those with advertising on their blogs.

Having followed Apple since I was quite young while doing BASIC, Assembly, and Pascal on an Apple IIE, I’ve noticed that they (obviously) do whatever they want to do. Everyone’s opinions, including this one that I am offering now, just fill the web with content that Apple doesn’t really care about. In the end, I think this is good. If Apple had pollsters present at every meeting then they wouldn’t be Apple.

I like iOS 7. I did not like wood and leather. The MacPro looks like a can to me. The guts are tremendous. As a MBA user, I like the update to this line.

I’m happy to be at the dance. It is a really good time.

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