December 21, 2012

The Reminders and iCal ecosystem is expanding

I did a recent foray into this world as an experiment just to try it out and returned to Taskpaper. However, I did decide to keep my eye on things.

I’ll list apps that use calendar and task data as sync’d by iCloud and add comments on some.

with iCloud Reminders and Calendar on Mac

  • - can accept natural language like Fantastical and Quickcal. Tags added to reminders can be used for filtering by context. No persistant alarms.
  • Calendar
  • BusyCal - can see tasks distributed across weeks and months. Tasks don’t automatically advance their due date to current day. Can create customized repeats (more customized than from within
  • QuickCal - appears default time for a task is 0000,’ can set number of days to view appointments.
  • Fantastical - when I tried this, checking off a task in Fantastical did not check it off in iCloud. Aim to test this again at some point. Can set number of days to view appointments.
  • Smartday - integrates tasks with appointments. Did not allow selection of calendars to exclude from integration. All calendars affect integration of tasks with appointments. For example, my tasks are placed around the appointments related to my wife (not desired).
  • AweCal - not tested.

Sync with iCloud Reminders and Calendar on iOS

  • - no integrated view. Has location awareness based upon individual tasks. No location awareness for lists as in Checkmark.
  • Agenda - tasks now appear in the calendar with assigned times.
  • Calvetica - tasks appear in a separate list - not with appointments.
  • Smartday (unclear)
  • 2do
  • Busytodo
  • Todo
  • Calphone

This is an expanding productivity ecosystem. BusyCal is a tremendous Mac-based calendar. Agenda and Calvetica are long-time favorites of mine. 2Do appears quite powerful.

I have favored other systems in the past. I’ve used Things and flirted with Omnifocus. I now use Taskpaper + Due. However, iCloud-based productivity is something that I’ll keep an eye on and possibly re-engage in the future.

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