March 22, 2012

Twitter and RSS curation / analysis - disparate and fragmented. My current strategy.

I, like many of you, am a news junkie. I like RSS and Twitter streams. I have been searching for tools to curate, sort, and analyze these streams. Many of the online offerings are lacking. Alltop has MOST TOPULAR STORIES but is just a list of sites and their stories after that. Storify and other similar sites are not what I am looking for. Mac apps are also sub-optimal. Socialite simply brings streams together but doesn’t analyze them. NNW and Reeder are news aggregators.

I want to select my streams and then desire heavy / broad analytical capabilities. My current strategy is NetNewsWire with tabs that include Fever,, and a feed to the left. I like the Fever strategy but find it slow to use for looking at individual streams. NNW is fast but does not curate or analyze beyond smart folders and attention.” I currently favor Twitterific or Osfoora and have several searches saved based upon interesting keywords and lists aggregating related streams.

My dream is a Mac app + web service + iOS app that:

1- Combines RSS, Twitter and keyword searches of services like Google News, Delicous and Pinboard

2- Analyzes RSS feeds, Twitter, Pinboard, Delicous, etc, for commonly quoted URLs like Fever

3- Adds data similar to via Instapaper

4- Compares and groups Tweets and feed articles based upon high numbers of similar keywords

5- Adds data similar to (especially retweets and favs by people you follow)

6- Combines this all together in a nicely presented UI (Mac-like)

7- Syncs devices-Mac-web

8- Has a minimalist text-only interface for speed and appearance (this does not relate to curation but is a preference of mine).

Currently curation is largely disparate and fragmented. I’m amazed an app / system like this has not been done. Fever is the most serious attempt but lacks speed of use and could add additional analytics. I’m half tempted to advance my skills to the point I am able to do this but time is a serious limiter and my skills-deficit is large. I think there is a market for advanced curation. Anyone out there with the skills and desire for this kind of strategy?

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