July 8, 2013

Unused productivity apps are open loops

As a productivity nerd I find iPhone and Mac productivity applications compelling and interesting. Even if I have a system which is relatively well functioning I often feel enticed to check out the latest applications. Because of this I sometimes (often, actually) have a few extra productivity applications around.

These apps represent a sort of open loop. They are undone decisions. They represent competitors to my current system or current application. Undone decisions can bring stress. It is easy to think to myself that my productivity might be better if I went to another system.

I have been in a slash-and-burn mood when it comes to my iPhone. I have deleted over half of the applications. Some productivity applications have been included in this purge. It feels good.

I think I will try deleting all of the productivity apps except for one for now. This could provide a compelling feeling of mission similar to when a general burns a bridge which represents his army’s only means of escape. I will see.

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