February 9, 2014

Workflow: Safari selection to nvALT via KeyBoard Maestro and tag as ReadLater” for long-reading

Here is a quick workflow. I’m sure some of you have something similar in place. I wanted something like this since I sometimes like to annotate articles as I read in Markdown. At present, I am funnelling all of my longer reads into this and not Instapaper or another read later service.

The Workflow in Keyboard Maestro



Shift-command-.” triggers the New note from selection” service associated with nvALT.

Steps 3-7 steps obtain the page URL and paste it at the bottom of the new note.

Steps 8-10 tag the note with the tag ReadLater.”

I’m sure all of this could easily be done with Applescript or other scripting. 4-5 years ago I had an Applescript which did something similar to this in NetNewsWire.


Allows annotating in Markdown as desired.

Text files in nvALT also show up associated with the tag ReadLater” in Mavericks and apps such as Leap and DevonThink.

The same files are synced to Simplenote with this tag. Simplenote allows tagging but does not, at present, allow Markdown editing. I had solved this in the past with TextExpander snippits that approximated Markdown annotating in Simplenote but now it does not support TextExpander. If I desire to use Markdown for annotating, I currently would prefer to copy over to Byword, annotate and then copy back to Simplenote. Dropbox sync straight to Byword would be nice but Dropbox does not support tags and Byword did not perform well syncing my large collection of several hundred text files when last attempted.

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