Mac, 2012 Macbook Air

  • Hazel - an active part of my paperless workflow. Watches a scan folder, triggers OCR, scans for certain criteria, renames and tags scans based on criteria.
  • nvALT - repository for all my text notes. Has a readlater” tag which functions as as a plain text read-later repository.
  • TextExpander - what can I say? Used with Taskpaper to add tags and insert search strings; adds any number of work snippets to documents; adds weekly, monthly, quarterly lists to Taskpaper.
  • Night Owl (was YoruFukurou) (Night Owl) - running it with tabs that contain lists/searches, all with mini view. Powerful. Best keyboard navigation of any Mac Twitter client that I’ve found.
  • 1Password - solid password manager.
  • DeltaWalker - compare volumes and files for additions, deletions, etc.
  • - site-specific browser. I use this for sites I prefer do not track me such as Facebook.
  • Keyboard Maestro - workflows triggered with keystrokes. I use this to intereact with my work VPN, trigger text manipulations with TextSoap (regex, etc).
  • Quicksilver - a great and free launcher. Nice themes. Can trigger Applescript. Tried the others but this one is the best.
  • PDFpen - for OCR triggered by Hazel after scanning with Scansnap
  • BetterSnap Tool - love this for making windows 1/2, 1/3, full.
  • Mail
  • Numbers
  • TextEdit
  • Safari
  • TextSoap
  • Reeder - because RSS is still a great way to follow blogs and news

iPhone X


  • Pinboard - what to say? …is great.
  • Feedly - was using white theme in a Fluid instance but now they don’t play well together. Now using Reeder.
  • Twitter - mostly dislike it these days, though
  • Facebook - use it very little. Their privacy views are creepy.
  • Dropbox - but have very little there because they hold the encryption keys (!) as far as I know.

No longer using

  • Day One - they lost me when they didn’t attend properly to sync encryption when they moved sync to their own servers.
  • Moleskine pocket soft cover notebooks, plain pages.
  • Rhodia Reverse Book in black.
  • Field Notes 80-page Steno Book
  • - shuttered
  • Apple Watch - aggravating alerts on the wrist - sold
  • iPad Mini 4 - sold, had too many devices, felt fragmented
  • Taskmator - moved task management to paper / pen
  • PDF Expert - using iCloud Files
  • Momentum
  • Drafts
  • Mind Node
  • Taskpaper on Mac (see Taskmator)
  • BusyCal - nice calendar, too many taps, too many metadata fields
  • ReadKit
  • FruitJuice - battery management - not conviced it helped
  • Unread - just doing RSS and news on Mac only for sanity reasons
  • Calvetica - favorite calendar - not working on iPhone X
  • Leap - file manager, like icon views, reads tags from OS X, nvALT, Simplenote, DevonThink
  • DevonThink Pro